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Extra Small - Single Bed Sitter

Single bed-sitter / studio apartment / bachelor unit with one open-plan living space and a bathroom with shower. Can be combined to make multiple unit buildings. Good option for a rental businness or fast construction of a small home. 


Price (+/-): 435.000,00 KES

Total size: 22 m²

No. rooms: 2

Size of living space: 13,5 m²

Size of bathroom: 2,5 m²

No. Twistblocks (+/-): 630

Ground Floor Plan
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Small - Two Bedroom Apartment

A two bedroom apartment which can be easily combined to make apartment blocks with many units on multiple storeys.


Price (+/-):  1.200.000,00 KES

Total size: 45 m²

No. rooms: 4

Size of living space: 13 m²

Size of bathroom: 6,2 m²

No. Twistblocks (+/-): 1300

Ground Floor Plan
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Medium - 3 Bedroom House

A large, single storey family home with a spacious kitchen, a living room, a dining room, laundry, study and an entrance hall.


Price (+/-):  3.300.000,00 KES

Total size: 112 m² 

No. bedrooms: 3

No. bathrooms: 2,5

No. Twistblocks (+/-): 3000

Ground Floor Plan
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Large - Apartment Block

Double storey, multi-unit residential building with bed-sitter / studio apartments.


Price (+/-):  12.500.000,00 KES

Total size: 500 m²

No. units: 24

Unit size: 16 m²

No. rooms/unit: 2

Size of living room: 13,5 m²

Size of bathroom: 2,5 m²

No. Twistblocks (+/-): 15800

Ground Floor Plan
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