Planning, visualization and construction

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We do Architecture and planning for your TwistBlock project.


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1. Basic determination

In a first step, we discuss your ideas and requirements for the project with you and define the time frame for the individual construction phases. Fundamental questions are answered in this phase, if possible on the basis of a joint site inspection: Where and when should construction take place? What is the building to be used for? Is the site suitable for the building project? What are the financing options? Finally, we document the results.

2. Preliminary planning

We create a first concrete design with our Advanced Parametric TwistBlock planning software as well as a cost estimate and match it with the financing specifications. We put the essential processes of the planning and construction process into a schedule. On the basis of this information, we draw up a project contract (FIDEC Contract) tailored to the project.
The required services are coordinated with the specialist planners, such as structural engineering. We create a true-to-scale visualization of the object. In this phase, we also take care of the preliminary negotiations regarding approvability, clarify ownership conditions, building specifications and the zoning of the property.

3. Approval planning

Approval planning seamlessly follows on from the results of the previous phases. The previous designs are used to apply for approval of the building project. The architect packages the results of the preliminary design into plans ready for approval, which meet the requirements of the building authorities. With the forms, calculations and construction plans required by the office, the application for the construction project is submitted.

4. Implementation planning

Further elaboration of the design in the form of a detailed TwistBlock layout. We calculate the required quantities of building materials for the preparation of the bid documents.
We commission a partner organization with the casual labor management on site.

5. Allocation

Coordination of contract awards, solicitation and review of bids.

At this point we conduct our “Partnership Mou (Memorandum of Understanding) process”. This is about all the organisations/groups/teams involved consulting comprehensively and agreeing together. The process describes all partners and stakeholders, defines roles and responsibilities. It also clearly describes resources and services of all parties involved, as well as management and maintenance guidelines.
The process is completed by all stakeholders, including area managers, signing a document that legally binds them.



7. Construction supervision and documentation

Supervision and coordination of the execution of works and reconciliation with the building permit. Documentation of the construction process, cost control, detection of defects, supervision of the elimination of detected defects.

8. Object support

Inspection of the object after completion of the construction to identify defects. Coordination of the elimination of defects.

We visualize your TwistBlock project

We create professional architectual visualizations to support your fundrasing based on the baseline survey of your project.